What We Do


1.- From Scratch.

From the information and content provided by the client, we will create a design and necessary graphics and images to ensure a professional presentation.


  • Creative Design Process
  • Writing, Editing, and Assimilating Textual Content & Key Messages
  • Presentation Time Management
  • Chart and Diagram Designs
  • Support and Assistance during Design process

2.- Custom Existing Presentation.

From an existing presentation (e.g. PowerPoint or Keynote) We redesign your material for professional and powerful high quality presentation. The content is simplified and the necessary components are added: graphics, images and text.


  • Update your existing presentation
  • Custom Template Designs
  • Text Style
  • Add logo and use of standard branding colors and style

3.- Custom Template Designs.

Having a custom template gives you an opportunity to increase your brand and/or company recognition. Also, helps to be consistent in the internal communications of your company.

4.- On-Site and Virtual Presentation Design Assistance

  • PowerPoint Management
  • Conversions: format versions: videos, images, PDF, PNG, JPG
  • How to use some PowerPoint tools
  • Updating existing presentations


In today's world it is important to convey complex information in a clear and simple way.

An Infographic is the visualization of data and statistics, numbers, or complicated information on a digital graphic design format. We take time to understand the content and design an infographic for different audiences that clearly understand your message.


  • Planning & Design/ Data Visualization
  • Digital Design (EPS,PNG, JPG or PDF formats)
  • Sharable for Social Media Micro-Content, Marketing campaigns or Presentations.

For custom infographic designs, contact us.


Individualized Training, workshops, courses / on-site and remote.

Sample topics:

  • How to design Persuasive Presentations
  • Using advanced features in PowerPoint / Custom Templates
  • Converting Power Point Presentations to slideshows or YouTube video
  • Training In-house personnel to maintain and modify internal presentations.
  • Data Visualization/ Infographics


  • Pasco-Hernando SCORE Chapter- Florida USA SCORE Seminars for Business How to Create Powerful Visual Presentations. Seminars in English.
  • AGMUS Ventures, Inc.,Tampa, Florida-USA Corporate Image and How to Create Effective PowerPoint Presentations: Create and lead presentation training for students of Bachelor and Master degrees. Workshops in Spanish.
  • Hispanic Initiative Fund (HBIF),Florida-USA Optimize your Corporate Image, Corporate Image and Marketing Alternatives, How to Create Powerful Visual presentations for Businesses. Workshops in Spanish.
  • Everest University, Tampa Campus-USA Faculty In-Service Presentation: How to Create a Powerful Presentation Design. Workshop in English.
  • USF Connect, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida-USA​: How to Create Powerful Visual Pitch Presentations

Learn how to create effective visual presentations with us! If you are looking for an instructor contact us and tell us about your needs and tell us about your company or organization.


with Cavi Velasquez
on- site or online

Personalized client working sessions, where she creates step by step the presentation.

Additionally, she assists you in managing and updating your presentation needs. She helps to update your existing presentations depending on specific audiences

"I will help you with your presentation, step by step" Cavi Velasquez. Contact Us.


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