Diagrams: Chart, Pie, Graphs

$ 7.00

This set contains 20 graphs in colors (pies, charts, bars and more)

Description of the resource

You can use graphics and diagrams in PowerPoint, Infographics, and project designs. These are resources that will help you simplify concepts, complex information and data.

What is included?

This set contains 20 graphs in colors.The file of this set is sent in 2 formats: PNG images with transparency. In addition, it includes pages in PowerPoint with diagrams inserted, ready to use and edit them to your liking!

License and Contents:
You can use these contents for personal and commercial projects. This graphic material was designed by CAVI MEDIA, and you can modify it according to your needs.
Not for Sale.If you want to sell CAVI MEDIA products, please contact us. You cannot offer them for free either. For questions or doubts contact us at

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